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Work with Salvis Juribus

Juribus Salvis is the first online legal social journalism platform that allows you to earn writing your own articles.

Salvis Juribus pays contributors using a meritocratic principle: the number of readers reading their contents within 30 days from the day of publication.

The more the articles written by a contributor are interesting, the more contributor will earn. The article that reaches or exceeds 3000 unique pageviews will be paid.

Salvis Juribus is not just an online platform, but it is a scientific journal (ISSN: 2464-9775) which has a large network of experts in the field of law. ISSN is a worldwide identification code used by publishers, suppliers, libraries, information services, bar coding systems, union catalogues, etc. for citation and retrieval of serials such as Journals, Newspapers, Newsletters, Directories, Yearbooks, Annual Reports & Monograph series, etc. The benefits include international publicity and recognition of the serial by automatic inclusion in the International Serials Directory Database.

For this reason, the magazine carefully selects editors participating in the project.

Writing with Salvis Juribus is much easier than starting your own blog: publishing your own articles with us will allow you to earn money and have a larger and larger audience month after month.

Salvis Juribus fosters the contributors to use social network to entertain their followers sharing great news and great content. Payments range from a minimum of € 5 to a maximum of € 100 for each article.

You can also write articles in foreign languages (French and Spanish).

Submit a request for cooperation at attaching your curriculum vitae and an article of your own. The authors can choose the different areas of law to cooperation (Legal Profession, Regulation, Management, Commercial, Crime, Employment, Family, Litigation, Personal Injury, Private Client, Property, Public).

Join the community and earn up to 100 € for each article!

For more informations read “Editorial Policy